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Adventure 4 - What Happens in Wonderland

We said goodbye to the aliens and began our new adventure in Wonderland. I wonder what will happen this half term!

Our class song ...

Natasha Bedingfield - Pocket full of Sunshine Lyrics

lyrics :)[Interlude]I got a pocket,got a pocket full of sunshineI've got a love and I know that it's all mineoh.oh,ohDo what you want,but you're never gonna ...

We kickstart our adventure off by finding some cups and mushrooms in our construction area. We wonder how they got there? The drinks look yummy and the mushrooms do look tasty...but should we really try them? We have a discussion and decide to try them...much to our surprise we shrink to the size of a pencil! 

We had lots of fun on our walk to parliament and managed to raise lots of money for the school! 

We had to celebrate Shrove Tuesday by having pancakes! They were very yummy! We learnt about the reason behind why Christians celebrate this day. 

In RSHE we looked at our feelings and how people portray how they feel. We were given playdough and then told a face to make using that playdough. 

In DT we have been designing our own smoothies which will hopefully help us grow again! We started off by designing them in a team, thinking about colour and taste.

Team Superstar

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Team King and Queens

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Team Amazing

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In RE we looked at important celebrations for Christians. We looked at Lent and what it means to Christians. We then thought about what we would give up if we were to complete Lent!

It's time to make our smoothies! We used our designs to make them, picking how much of each fruit we put in and for how long we blended it for. Mrs Burke came for a taste test and pick which she thought was yummiest!

Mrs Burke Taste Test

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We received a letter from the Queen of Hearts asking us for some ducks. We needed these ducks for our potion to help us grow again so we knew we had to find them! We hunted in the playground for them and then phoned some people to see if they could get us some. Luckily, someone had some spare eggs and dropped them off for us!

Phoning the duck company

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Meeting the Ducks

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In RSHE we read the story "The Invisible String." We spoke about our feelings when we feel alone or when someone passes. We then made our own invisible string hearts. They are connected to us at school and then to our special person at home. 

We have loved having the ducks in class! It’s been amazing seeing them hatch and grow. 


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We looked at the felting artist Karen Wyeth and then had a go at making our own felting flowers.

Now we have collected all of our ingredients for the potion, it's time to make it!

We played a wizard word game where we laid out previously learnt wizard words. Someone then closed their eyes whilst another person took a wizard word away. The person then opened their eyes and had to guess what word had been taken! 

In RE we looked at religious celebrations. We were given different pictures relating to a Christian ceremony and had to guess what the ceremony was and why it was important. We then acted out our own Christening and had lots of fun!


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Holy water

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God Parents

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