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Fred Frog games

Who is this?   




Fred frog is missing you!

He'd like you to play some of his Fred talking games to cheer him up.  

Ask a grown up to play. 

Fred Games

Speaking like Fred helps children to understand that words are made up of sounds.

In nursery, we use Fred Talk in games and throughout the day to help children practise blending sounds together.


Parents/Carers, please note -

When playing the Fred talk games, if your child is not yet able to blend the sounds to make the whole word, please don't worry, it is something that just needs practise, keep going.  Help them by modelling the blending of sounds to make whole words, this will be great for their development. 

            Fred's Fridge

Fred opens his fridge and what does he find?

Sound talk items you may find in a fridge, remember to say the words broken into sounds

e.g. Fred would say "ch - ee - s" for cheese and

"j - oo - s" for juice


If your child is good at blending sounds to make words show them pictures and see if they can do the 'Fred Talking' to you.

Fred says…

Fred says put your hands on your h-e-d.    ( Ask child to repeat) 

Child says  h-e-d,  h-e-d,  head  and touch their head.

Repeat with:  b-a-k,   t-u-m,   l-e-g,   h-a-n-d,   f-u-t,   n-ee,   h-i-p

Then have a go at Fred says     r-u-n,    h-o-p,  s-k-i-p,   j-u-m-p  and   s-t-o-p 



Fred I spy
Fred says ‘I spy something r-e-d’  Children to repeat.

r-e-d , can children hear the whole word, r-e-d, red and then point to something red?

Play again with other colours, 

 b-l-oo, g-r-ee-n, b-l-a-k, b-r-ow-n etc.