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Autumn 2

Week 1 

Introducing number 1.


1 is an extremely powerful and important number, without 1 we wouldn't have any other numbers or amounts. 1 can change the quantity and every number has 1 inside it!

Who would of thought such a small number had so much significance. The children have been exploring this concept and understanding how important number 1 is. 

We have been using objects to sort, share and count. We have seen big groups of objects and separated them into 1s. 

The children have seen 1 in lots of different ways and created their own 1 concept mat. 


Understanding 3

This week we have looked at how the quantity changes when we get 1 more than 2. We talked about 2 still being there because 3 is made of 2 and 1. We looked at 1 less than 3. We found all the groups of objectswhich had a total of 3. We then looked at 3 sided shapes and other places we can find 3. We also recognised the numerals 1 2 &3.

Circles and Triangles

We spent the week looking at the properties of circles and triangles. We sorted the shapes and developed an understanding of different shapes. We discussed how size doesn't matter but the amount of sides and corners does. 

Recognising 4 and knowing the composition of 4

This week we are learning all about 4. 


We saw what happened when we added 1 more to 3 objects. We noticed that 3 was still there but the quantity got bigger by 1. We found 1 2 and 3 within 4. We made 4 using 1 and 3 and 2 and 2. We looked at what happens if we take 1 away from 4.


We then noticed 4 in shapes and other objects around the classroom such as the clock, buttons with 4 holes, shape of windows. Numbers really are everywhere!

Recognising 5 and Understanding the pattern of numbers

We are beginning to understand how numbers grow when we add 1 more. We can see a pattern delevop  We know that the previous number is still there we justaff one more so if we take 1 away from that number we are left with the number we looked at last week. The children are using this understanding to know one more and one less than a number up to 5. We also know how to make numbers up to 5.

Making 5

Week 6: Properties of different shapes


This week we have been understanding more about shapes and their properties. We know that finding out how many sides and corners a shape has helps us know what shape it is. We have sorted the shapes by their properties and found shapes in our environment. Shapes are absolutely everywhere. 

Making shapes using lolly pop sticks