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Times Table Check

Multiplication Tables Check (MTC)


In the last academic year, the government introduced a new Multiplication Tables Check (MTC) which is now statutory for all Year 4 children to complete in June. If your child is in Year 4 at Westwood, they will be completing this check this year. They will be the second cohort of children to complete the check and we know from our results last year that the effort and preparation which we put in throughout Year 4 helps massively. At this stage of the year, the MTC is nothing to worry about and further information will be given to parents nearer the time. 


Knowing all of your times tables and their division facts is really important because it then allows children to unlock maths. They don't need to use too much brain power trying to work out their times tables, they just know them, in turn allowing them to get onto more advanced content. The MTC is designed to test this. The children are given 25 random questions and they have 6 seconds to answer each question. The format of this is on an iPad and children will practice this weekly in school.


There isn't a pass or fail mark and the data is not published, it is purely for us as a school to know where your child is with times tables and how we can support them as they progress to Upper Key Stage 2.


We need your support at home to allow your child to achieve their full potential during the MTC in June. Please help your child to practice their times tables as regularly as possible at home. I have included some links below to useful websites and during the first week of the new term, your child will be bringing home their Times Table Rockstar Login. We have a Times Table Rockstar leaderboard in the classroom so as much practice as they can at home will allow them to jump up that leaderboard!


Every Friday in school, the children will have a dedicated, 40 minute times table lesson. During this time, they will get to practice the MTC on the iPads and then find out which times tables they need to work on and they will then have chance to work with an adult, with peers and use a range of games and resources to practice these specific ones. At the end of the lesson, they will repeat the MTC with the challenge of beating their score. Starting this in September will give us ample time to be able to work with the children to iron out any errors or gaps in times table knowledge. 


If you have any questions about the MTC, please speak to Mr Cooper or see the webpages below which will guide you to government resources around the check and useful pages for practice at home.


Thank you