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Outdoor learning

Elastic Fun

We had great fun playing together with the big elastic band!  
This is great for building confidence, group cooperation, encouraging interactions, developing strength, balance and movement.  

Park trip

We went to the park to look at all the wildlife. We found ducks, slugs, spiders, butterflies, dragon flies and moorhens. It was great fun!

Looking for bugs! 


We have been looking at the flowers that are growing in our nursery garden. We looked at the crocuses growing in the basket and Bella told us “ I went to the park and there’s some of these flowers at the park. “ I told  Bella that crocuses can be other colours too, she said “ the ones at the park are yellow”.

We looked at the miniature daffodils and the other daffodils and could see that they were the same just different sizes.  Olivia spotted one which had two daffodil heads!  
We planted some other flowering plants into some tubs and are remembering to water them every day. 


We have been tidying up our garden and pulled out weeds and dead plants.  We used garden tools to loosen the soil.  As we were digging, we found some worms and some snails shells.