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We are starting to think about what numbers are made of and number bonds that can make up all the numbers to 5. Starting to explore addition and the parts of a number is really exciting. One of the most fun and creative ways to do this is by making an adding machine or 'adding robot' from an old cereal box or a shoe box. 

You will need two plastic cups and plenty of selotape. The children will love decorating their adding machine. You can use anything from pom-poms, malteasers or lego bricks to add with. 

Once you have made your adding machine explain to your child;

We are going to add two numbers together to make a bigger number. Draw a number line to 5 and ask them to pick a number smaller than five or 'less than'. Write the number down, then ask them to count out that number of objects and put it underneath the number. Then ask your child how many more they think they might need to make 5? Let them guess and make an estimate. Count out the number of objects they picked and write down the number. Now let your child use the adding machine to see if their guess was right. Post each amount through the cup on each side and count how many you have altogether. Have you made 5? How many different ways can you find to make 3,4 and 5? Most importantly have fun with this task. 


Adding Robot


Today we will be drawing what we think the dinosaur in the poem looked like and sounding out and writing a short sentence. Listen to the poem below and then decide where you put your dinosaur. Try and write the sentence

'I put him in my ................. . 

See if you can write two sentences and make the words that you choose rhyme. That means they must have the same sound to finish with. 

My little dinosaur

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Today we will be exploring the sound 'k-k-k-kangaroo. Watch the video below and make sure you have a whiteboard and a pen ready or a piece of paper and a pen. 


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Dino Non Fiction Books

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Can you draw or write some of the facts you know or have found out about different dinosaurs. Ask a parent to scribe or help you write your facts. 


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