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Activity 1:

Take a bag or a pot into your garden or local area (if it is safe to do so) and collect as many different natural things that you can find.

Activity 2:


  • click on Atlanta Zoo Panda Cam
  • Make a leaflet on pandas- what they eat, where they live, their environment, what they look like. 
  • draw a picture of a panda for the front cover.

Activity 3:

Visit and follow the simple instructions to make your own book mark. Remember to keep reading different stories and challenge yourself with chapter books!

Activity 4:

Make use of those empty toilet roll tubes and create your own bugs. Ask an adult to hide them around the house/garden for you to find.


Activity 5:

Get baking. Chose something that you would like to bake (check you have the ingredients). Carefully measure out what you need. Follow the instructions. (see writing tab for a follow up activity.)

Activity 6:

Think back to when we kept an eye on the weather changes for the Queen of Hearts. Can you make your own rain gauge to check the amount of rain fall and a flag to check on the wind?

Activity 7:

Activity 8:

Activity 9:

Activity 10:

Collect sticks from your garden or on your daily walk. Use the sticks to create different animals. Can you make a range of carnivores and herbivores?

Activity 11:

Find some stones in your garden or on your daily walk. Paint them to look like different minibeasts. Go on a mini beast hunt in your garden and place the stones where you found them. Head out each day and see if you can find them in the same place, if they have moved, move your stone to where they are now.

Activity 12:

Hide one of your toys in the house or garden somewhere. Draw a Mao and write some clues for someone to follow to find it!

Activity 13:

Joe Wicks has been doing workouts every morning. Join in tomorrow morning and then come up with your own exercise video. Think about what muscles you want to work and the different ways to get your blood pumping. Write down what people have to do, you could even include drawings. Why don't you film your fitness video and send it to your friends to try!

Activity 14:

Draw a map of your house. Give as much detail as possible. Draw out each room and make sure the right room is connected to it. Don't forget hallways too. Make a key at the bottom and put in any drawing to explain what they are. Ask a family member to find each thing on the key on your map. Can they then use the map to find it in the house?

Activity 15:

Create your own watering can using a milk bottle. Ask an adult to poke a few holes in the lid. Cut and stick different pictures onto the outside of the bottle. Fill it with water and water your plants.

Activity 16:

Joe Wicks is having a competition to design a PE with Joe logo or T-shirt. One will be chosen and sold online next week with 100% of the proceeds going to NHS Charities Together. Take a picture of your design and send it to Joe Wicks via his instagram. 

Activity 17:

Take a look around Chester Zoo virtually! Follow the link:


Have a look at the different enclosures and facilities they have. Now have a go at designing your own zoo. Think about the animals you would have, the walkways and viewing towers, picnic areas, play areas and a ticket office.

Activity 18

Remember when we had the ducks in school and we looked at their life-cycle? Well now lots of little tadpoles (baby frogs) are hatching! Research the life-cycle of a frog and get inventive with how to present your findings.

Activity 19

Today we are going to look back in time. A very famous person called Charles Darwin worked on the theory of evolution (the theory that humans and animals have changed and adapted to their environment). We are going to look at Snowy Owls.


Can you find out the answers to the following questions?

  1. Snowy Owls are perfectly adapted to live in...
  2. Snowy Owls have very large eyes to...
  3. Snowy Owls have different ears to..
  4. Their silent feathers are good for...
  5. Snowy Owls use their talons to...


Activity 20

Today we are going to do some geography. On you walk today I want you to make a list of everything that you see that is man-made (remember someone had to make it or build it). See if you can get more than me. I went for a walk in the woods and there wasn't too much around. I found a fence, a gate, telephone pole, path, farm house, houses and a bridge.

Activity 21

Today is Victory in Europe Day or VE Day for short. We are celebrating the 75th anniversary of the end of World War Two in 1945.


Make your own VE Day bunting and/ or flags, just like the ones in the photographs- what messages would you put on it for this year?



Activity 22

Today you are going to write messages in your own code! You will need to make your own alphabet using fingerprint pictures (see the picture below). Write a message to your family member or friend. Can they work out what it says?

Activity 23

It's mental health awareness week this week. Below I have a list of ways to be kind. See how many you can tick off over the weekend.