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Spring 2

Week 1:

This week we are learning about number nine! As with the previous numbers we are exploring the quantity by using objects to sort, share and count out nine. We have been using ten frames to see the visual representation. We know that then is nine on the ten frame without counting when we can see one empty space.

Week 2:

This week we have been learning about number ten! We have been using different object to represent and count out the quantity ten. We have also become familiar with the numeral ten and then used this to help us correctly order numerals from one to ten. We have then practiced using the number tracks to count up to and down from ten.

Week 3:

This week we have been using our familiarity of number 10 to look at and learn about number bonds to 10! We have used a 10 frame to help us play games and find out what number goes alongside another to create the total 10.

Week 4:

This week we are learning about positional and directional language with a main focus on the vocabulary left and right. We have used a dice game working out which way we need to pass the counters and then becoming robots and directing our friends which way to go.

Week 5:

This week we are learning about 3 dimensional (3D) shapes. We know that a 3D shape is solid (fat) shape where as a 2D shape is a flat shape. We are drawing upon our knowledge about 2D shapes to help us with identifying the shape of the faces as well as becoming familiar with the other properties such as how many corners and sides they have. We began by categorising them based upon there movements for if they can slide or roll down a ramp. This then opened up lots of discussion and a deeper interest into the investigation of the 3D shapes.

Week 6:

This week we have been consolidating our knowledge of repeating patterns and 3D shapes. Within repeating patterns, we have extended our abilities on being able to create and continue a pattern from a straight line to creating and continuing a repeating pattern that is enclosed and joins back up to the start. We have used tiles and mats as a template for us to place objects around ensuring our pattern stays consistent.