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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Outdoor Play

At Westwood we love outdoor play! We can be seen playing in the nursery garden in all weathers. We have a range of activities and resources that we explore.

Nursery Jam


In our nursery garden, we grew a range of vegetables and soft fruits, incluing strawberries and blackcurrants. We then used these fruits to make out special nursery jam. We even sold the jam at the summer and christmas fairs. The jam was delicious!

Throwing Skills


We love to explore how we can use the range of balls and beanbags that we have in nursery. We throw and catch with them. We try to score a goal in the basket ball net and we also throw them into baskets to improve our aiming skills.



We use a range of tools and materials to be able to write in the outdoor environment. We have lots of fun writing on different surfaces!

Role Play


We are very imaginative in nursery. We become parents looking after the babies, fireman saving the day and lots of other roles that the children think of.

Physical Activity


We love to be active in nursery. We ride bikes, climb on the climbing equipment, complete obstacle courses and run around exploring the nursery garden!




Building is very exciting in nursery. We building towers, bridges to climb across and anything else that we may need to help us during our play.



We know that the world is full of different shapes. We have been looking for shapes in our nursery garden.