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Spring 2 - Romans on the Rampage

Romans on the Rampage



When we arrived back at school on Monday, Miss Martin told us that we had received an email from the RAD (Roman Archaeological Dig) informing us that storm Ciara and Dennis had uncovered something exciting in our school field!

Unfortunately, they were busy excavating over in York so they asked us to take a look, they taught us how to be archaeologist and off we went to the field!


The storm had uncovered some amazing Roman artefacts and we couldn’t wait to start finding out more about them!


This adventure, we’ll be looking closely at these artefacts to find out how Roman artefacts ended up in Britain!


Our class adventure song this half term is - I'll make a man out of you! from the Disney film Mulan. 

We'll be changing the words so that it fits with our Roman topic! Check out the lyrics below and practice them as much as you can. 

I'll Make a Man out of you - Roman Version

Mulan - I'll Make A Man Out Of You - Make sure you use the lyrics above!

We came back to school and Miss Martin had received an email from the RAD (Roman Archaeological Dig) explaining that the recent storm Ciara and Dennis had uncovered some very interesting artefacts on our school field. They asked us to go an investigate!

We arrived at the site and began to question what these artefacts were, who the belonged to and what clues it can give us about the Romans. We came back to class and wrote up our findings.

We then wrote a recount of our day to tell the RAD exactly what we did step by step.

We then wanted to understand where the Romans came in the world’s history, so we made a human timeline outside to get our bearings of where the Romans were in history.

We then wanted to know about the Roman timeline as we know this happened over a long period of time. So we worked in groups to sort one out.

We then learnt about the Roman invasions that took place across Europe and some of Africa! We showed this with a visual map and wrote about what we learnt.

We had heard the name Julius Caesar being mentioned a lot during the invasions so we wanted to find out more about him. We used the iPads to help with our research.

We soon discovered that Julius Caesar was a very interesting man so we wanted to write a biography about him. He soon heard and wanted to come in and share his wise words with us so that we could use his quotes within our biographies.


We wanted to know more about the Roman army. We learnt all about their armour and completed a Burn2Learn to label the different parts and their purposes.

We then received a letter from Julius Caesar explaining that he wanted to try and invade Britain again. We came to our Roman fort and taught us the new formations. We jumped on a boat and sailed across the English Channel, it wasn’t until we were almost there that we realised the Celts were in the water! We tried hard to defeat them but there were just too strong so we had to retreat.

 During the journey back, we wrote about our day in a diary.

While travelling across the sea, we thought about water and it’s properties. We explored what makes something a solid, liquid or a gas by putting them into a Venn diagram.

 Then we learnt about the different particle properties and represented this with ourselves outside.