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Monday 8th Feb


This week we are starting a new chapter- counting in hundredths. This is an introduction into fractions so to get our head around it we are starting with a whole 100. We will practice counting in hundredths during the live lesson alongside figuring out what numbers would be worth. You have a number square on the first slide to help you and if you find it easier to think about 100 pieces of food then go for it! As usual, you will carry out the guided practice and workbook questions independently and please send me your work.

Guided reading:

We are continuing with The Twits and today we are focusing on the connection skill. This means that we can either connect to ourselves or even text-to-text. Read through the chapter- Mrs Twit has the shrinks and think about whether she deserves to believe she has this disease because of the tricks she has played on Mr Twit. During the live lesson, we will try and carry out a conscience alley where both sides of the argument will be discussed. You will then draw a table and write down reasons why she does and does not deserve it. Try and put yourself in her shoes.


We are going to finish off our story writing from last week. You should now have a completed story right up until the problem has been resolved. Now we are on the final paragraph, the ending. The problem has been solved and the main characters' wishes have been granted. This means that they have found each other and fallen in love. As this isn't much of an ending, I'm going to let you be imaginative and think about what the couple might get up to after the film ended. For example, did they decide to travel the world together? Did they buy a big house and have a family? Did they become the best of friends? You decide! Your focus for this paragraph is to use commas in a list as you can list the things they did.


I would like you to first think about what physical and human geography might be and what is the difference between them. Attached, are some images to represent the definitions for both. Your first task is to look at the different cars for North America and the UK. Think about what are the physical landmarks and human landmarks. Then, fill in the sheet where you need to write the definition for both and record the different landmarks.