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Spring 1 - Dinosaur Discovery

Thank you to all of the parents that came to our dinosaur craft morning. We had such a lovely time and made some excellent crafts.

This half term we will be reuniting a Mummy Dinosaur with her lost egg. 


We will be learning how to care for living things and interesting facts about dinosaurs.


Watch this space to find out what we get up too!

We found a dinosaur egg!

Who has left the egg?

Making our papier mache eggs.

How to look after the egg?

Has Mummy dinosaur been back?

Measuring footprints using cubes.

The dinosaur got into the classroom.

We made dinosaur poo and discussed what dinosaurs ate

We wrote about the clues we had found.

We made papier-mâché dinosaur eggs.

Hunting for dinosaur eggs

We experimented with the best material to keep the eggs warm.

Our Baby Dinosaur has hatched... and vanished!


we arrived at school on Monday to find the baby dinosaur egg had cracked open and lots of small dinosaur footprints on the floor.

We discussed lots of ideas about what could of happened and decided the baby dinosaur must be on the loose.

We had to find him but how?

We talked about what we thought he looked like and then had a go at choosing describing words.

We wrote sentences about the dinosaur.

We then made wanted posters to find him. 

We have been sewing teddies for the baby dinosaur.

We have been describing the dinosaur!