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Thursday 4th Feb


We will be continuing with line graphs and having a go at plotting one ourselves with the information provided. We will be looking at two lots of information during the live lesson and discussing what we know and what we can predict from this. Then, you will use this information to then plot a line graph. Due to there being two lots of information, you will need two different coloured pencils to plot both lines on one graph. We will go through how to do this on the live lesson and then you will go away and do this independently as well as your workbook questions. The presentation has been uploaded to help you.

Guided reading:

Today we are going to be focusing on our summarising skills from the 'big 10'. During the live lesson we still recap what happened in the previous two chapters and think about how we can summarise these into 5 bullet points. This will prepare you for the independent activity. We will read through the chapter 'The Funny Walking-Stick' and you will then try to summarise this chapter into 5 bullet points, ensuring that you include the main events. You may then draw an image to represent each bullet point that you come up with. I think you're going to like this chapter.


As in yesterday's lesson, we are going to be carrying on with our story. You should now have your first paragraph completed which is your setting description. The next paragraph is to describe and introduce the characters in the story; there is the waiter, the main man and woman and the troll under the well. These are the characters you're going to describe. Before you do that, you are going to edit the example character descriptions that are attached underneath to help you improve your own work and ensure that you really describe each of your characters. You can use the word bank provided or come up with your own adjectives. Don't forget, when describing something, the reader must be able to visualise what it is in their head. The focus for today's lesson is commas in a list as I would like you to list your adjectives that will describe the characters.



Now that you have researched different religious ceremonies, today your challenge is to re-enact your own pretend wedding. You can choose from any of the religions looked at in the first lesson or the one that you researched further. There is a video underneath of Mr Hayes demonstrating and explaining a Christian wedding and briefly touching on how other weddings may look different. You can use your family members, pets or even your toys/teddies. Make sure you send me your wedding videos/pictures. I can't wait to see them!