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This week's spellings:







Please practice your spellings at home.




I will be delivering a live phonics lesson at 10.30 for all children to attend. Please have a pen and paper ready for the spelling part of the session.


Please also complete the extra phonics lesson below - in class we usually do 2 lessons of phonics a day so it would be great if an extra could be done at home.

Phonics set 2 - air sound

Three letters, one sound 'air, that's not fair!' Please comment below if you have been in our phonics lesson this morning and use the #mrssuthersphonics to s...


It is really important that the children continue to practice their handwriting and form their letters correctly. If you could do a 5 minute daily handwriting practice this would be brilliant!


Still image for this video


Whilst we were trying to tackle the whomping willow tree and get the clue from inside the trunk, a Native American came to help. She lives on the Island and understands exactly how to control the tree. 


Below is a picture of the Native American: We are going to be writing a character description.

Have a look at each part of the Native American - her head, her body (clothing), her legs, her arms. How could you describe each part of her using adjectives? I would like the children to be writing atleast half a page with a range of adjectives and sentence openers - her/she/the Native American.


E.g. The Native American lady wears very colourful clothing. She has long black plaits and a delicate feather in her hair. Her coat is bright and....


It is important the children are writing neatly and forming their letters correctly, on the line and in the write direction. I would like to see capital letters, full stops and 'and' in their writing.


Possible adjectives:

  • bright

  • vibrant

  • aztec

  • delicate

  • fluffy

  • soft

  • splendid/beautiful/lovely/pretty

  • turqouise

  • Strong

  • brave


You may collect your child's Maths workbook from school if you would like, ring the office prior to collection.


Below is today's Maths work. The children are looking at 1 more and 1 less. It is important that the children understand the vocabulary and that 1 more is when you add 1 and one less is when you subtract 1. To help, a number square or number line can be used.


When finding 6 more mentally (for example), the children can put the starting number  in their head and count on using their fingers.


Medicines and Me

The fruit growing on the Whomping Willow trees in the Whomping Wood we have never seen before, we do not know anything about them or what they might do to us if we eat them. Should we eat them anyway? 


Have a go at the activity below and think of a time when you have had to take a medicine and why? For example, this could be an inhaler to help you feel better.