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Today In Maths, we're going to be working with fractions and in particular counting in tenths. 


If something is cut up into ten pieces we know that it is going to be out of ten and the denominator (Number on the bottom) will be ten. 


If we had a chocolate bar and cut it up into ten pieces and Mr Hayes took three, he would have 3 tenths. If Miss Crawshaw took 6, she would have 6 tenths. 


GP:  Question 1: How many tenths have been shaded? Count the shaded section. Questions 2 and 3: Fill in the gaps on the number line.


Workbook: Count the shaded section and write the fraction: Question 1= 2 tenths - 2/10.


Well done everybody for inventing something very cunning and evil! 


In today's live lesson, we're going to read more from the story and discuss how we can connect Kid Normal to other texts, ourselves and the wider world. 


Text- to- text-  Is Kid Normal similar to any texts that you've read before? Are some of the characters the same? Does anything happen that's similar to another text?

Text- to- self Has anything happened to Kid Normal and you? Have you felt the same as any characters before? Does it remind you of something in your life?

Text- to- world How can you link this text to the world? Are schools different in other parts of the world? Are people treated differently?


Today's task: Make as many connections as you can, using the sheet below. Text- to- world can be tricky so if you have less for this once it's fine!




In today's lesson, you're going to write a character description on your favourite yeti! 


In the live lesson, we're going to read a character description and work together to pick out the key features. You will also be able to use your adjective bank from yesterday. 


A character description:

Describes someone's appearance.

Describes someone's actions

Includes expanded noun phrases


Below, there are word mats full of adjectives that describe appearance and personality. It is your job to decide which ones best suit your yeti!