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Autumn 1 Adventure - Changes through the Ages

Our Changes through the Ages Adventure kicked off to a fabulous start! Mr Cooper informed us all that there was a box that had been delivered to school. After a big struggle for Mr Ashford and Mr Hayes to carry this into the hall, we found some different artefacts inside. Our job is to find out what these are and where they are from, with hope they can be displayed inside Wiltshire Museum.

Next, we looked at where the Stone Age comes up on a historical timeline. This made us really interested in where different historical events have appeared on a timeline and we practiced putting sets of them in chronological order. 

We were next introduced to Scara Brae Hotel. We noticed this was very different to the kind of hotels we stay in now. We were a bit disappointed with the facilities!

Today we met Grugg the caveman! He wanted to teach us all how to be cavemen and women and put us to the test with some tasks. We passed!