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Wednesday 3rd March


We are starting a new chapter today and our focus is on time. Today we are going to be looking at the 12 and 24-hour clock. During the live lesson, we will discuss the difference between the 12-hour and 24-hour clock and how you can work it out. On a 24-hour clock, anything after 12:00 dinnertime, carries on. For example; 13:00, 14:00. On the other hand, with a 12-hour clock, it goes back to 1:00. From this, you will independently carry out the guided practice and workbook.

Guided reading:

Today we are going to read the next chapter of 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory', it's called 'The Secret Workers'. During this chapter, we find out that the factory continues to run even after Mr Wonka kicks out all of his workers. Nobody goes in, nobody comes out. But who is helping run the factory? Nobody knows. We are going to discuss who this could be and using your prior knowledge and what you now know about Willy Wonka, I would like you to make a prediction about who you think is helping Mr Wonka and I want you to write this as a paragraph. We will read the chapter during the live lesson and the pages have also been uploaded underneath.


Today we are going to continue with our writing. From the adventure work that you have completed, what sub-headings are we going to talk about? I would like you to pick 2 sub-headings and write a paragraph of information about both. I would like you to focus on using a question in each paragraph.



Go through the powerpoint to learn about Brazil and Oompah Loompahs. You need to then look at the maps and answer the questions about the maps. There is then a fact sheet that you must complete about Brazil.