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WORLD BOOK DAY (4th March)

It's World Book Day - and this year it's a little bit different!
Happy World Book Day! I know it's going to be a bit strange this year, but please, please if you're at home and dressed up, send me a picture of you in your costume so we can add it to the gallery below! Today, all of our work is going to be based around science - I have 2 wonderful books to share with you today called Clean Up (which we'll focus on this morning) and Look Up (which we'll focus on this afternoon). They're about cleaning up the sea and pollution and space!! We've got some amazing activities lined up to go with these texts today - including a very exciting opportunity to meet the author and illustrator later this morning!!! 

Session 1 - live on Teams at 9.15am

We're going to begin our first session of World Book Day by reading Clean Up. I'll read it to you on the live lesson and there is also a video below of me reading it if you'd like to listen to it again. It is a big problem in the world about pollution in the sea and on beaches. It is damaging the habitats of animals and this book is aiming to promote clean ups and why it is important to keep beaches and oceans tidy - as you heard in the story, the sea turtle gets trapped and injured. 


Watch the video below which shows some of the rubbish found in the deepest parts of the sea. It will probably shock you - there are some very strange things in the deepest parts of the sea which have been dumped there by humans. This is massively effecting the species which live there. 


For your first activity today relating to our story, I'd like you to choose a sea animal mentioned in the story or which you saw in the video. They are going to be the basis of your poster on keeping the sea clean. I want you to create a really bright, colourful and emotive poster to tell people what is happening in the sea. It needs to be eye catchy and make people think. Take a look at the examples below for some inspiration. Be as creative as you can - could you make your sea animal out of something else first and stick it onto your poster? Could you have a go at making the poster online? Could you use paints or different materials instead of just pens and paper?


Send me what you do - I'm really looking forward to seeing them!

Lucy's poster

Clean Up - World Book Day

Session 2 - live on Zoom at 10.30am (please see instructions for joining below)

We have been lucky to secure a virtual visit from Nathan Bryon (parents you might recognise him from Benidorm) and Dapo Adeola who are the authors of 2 brand new books which haven't gone to general release yet, called Clean Up and Look Up. During the virtual visit, the authors will tell you about their lives and their books, there will then be a space themed quiz and Dapo (an illustrator) will do a follow along art session with you!


This session will be held on Zoom rather than Teams. Cameras and microphones will automatically be switched off when your child logs in and nobody will be able to see or hear your child, including the authors and other children from other schools involved in the call.


Please follow the instructions below on how to access the session. The children have also sent me some amazing questions which I've submitted to the authors so hopefully they'll answer some of them and give us a shoutout! 


This session will be 10.30am until 11.15am and I will be logged on too to take a register. We will then have a follow up session altogether at 1pm about what we hear from the authors! 

1: Click on the black link in the email received from Mr Cooper this morning. This will then take you to Zoom.

2. When Zoom opens, please only put your child's first name into the top box and for the email, put your child's school email which they use to log onto Teams. If you can't find it, put into here. You will then be logged into the session.

Some of your drawings of Luna from the draw along with Dapo on the live lesson

The authors gave Westwood a big shoutout on the session too. Hope you all enjoyed it!!

Still image for this video

Session 3 - live on Teams at 1pm

This afternoon, we're going to look at Nathan and Dapo's other book which they talked about with you in the Zoom lesson. The books called 'Look Up' and is about space. Listen to me reading the book below, I will also read it to you on the live lesson. Then, I'd like you to get creative this afternoon. I'd like you to create a piece of art to represent a meteor shower. 


Look at the pictures below for some examples and inspiration. You might choose to do it on a plain black background and use paints or pastels/chalk if you have them at home. Or you might decide to do some nice detail in the background and then draw over the top with felt tips or crayons - it's totally up to you but I'd love to see what you come up with so send me all the pictures of your pictures!

Look Up - World Book Day 2021

Session 4 - live on Teams at 2pm

To end a fabulous day talking about why books are AMAZING - we're going to host a big quiz for the children to join in! A bit like the hit ITV Show, 'The Masked Singer', we will instead be doing 'The Masked Author'. Can you tell who the author is from the clues about their book? Grab a pen and paper and send your scores in - there will be a prize in store for when we return to school for the winner! 

Other activities to have a go at today 

Have a go at these other activities today and send us what you do - there will be prizes for the craziest and most unique activities people do!


Extreme reading

Find somewhere weird and read a book! Stay safe and make sure you're following the lockdown rules, but do some extreme reading in a strange place. Look at the photos below for some inspiration. 



Book scavenger hunt

Go on a book scavenger hunt around your house - can you find all of these things in a book?

Book Bingo

How many of these types of books have you read? Cross off the ones that apply to you - but you have to prove it! What was the name of the book? If you can't prove it, you can't cross it off!