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Wednesday 10th February

Maths - 


Today we are going to be looking at finding out how much more. This means that we will be comparing groups, finding out how many items are in each group, then seeing which has more and how many more it has. We can use a number grid to help us work out our answers. When we are finding out more, we jump to the right as our number gets bigger. When we are looking at less of a number, we are going backwards as the number becomes smaller.

Writing - 


We are going to be writing a diary entry today. I have attached a diary entry below so you can see what I expect and what one looks like. A diary is all about you, your feelings, what you have done with your day etc. 


FINALLY we have got the treasure and put the pesky beast to sleep. It is time to open it up! What have we found?

Shiny gold coins 

Beautiful earrings and necklaces 

Special pirate juice 

A new telescope 


Wow, this is so exciting! Let's write a diary entry about us sneaking up to the beast, giving it the potion and opening the treasure chest. I would like you to include in your work - 

Dear Diary 

What happened

How you felt 

What you are going to do next 

How the adventure was overall



Today I will be looking at your capital letters and full stops. Please remember where your capital letters go and what they look like. 

Spellings  - 







Art - 


Today we are going to have a go at making parrots, because every pirate isn't complete without a pirate on their shoulder! Georgia made her own parrot last week, have a look how hers turned out below. You can look at the video I have attached to help you know the steps. 


You will need - 



Feathers (these can be drawn on)

Pencil crayons 

Easy paper Parrot craft from one piece of paper

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