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Adventure 6: Stranded Scientists

For this adventure, we were stranded at sea and had to find a way to make it to shore.


We began by looking at the properties of a number of different materials and assessed their suitability for use in a raft.

Next we worked in groups to construct a raft and tested them by seeing how many 'people' (pens) they could hold before sinking.

This half term has been quite an active one!


After meeting out writing buddies for what would be the last time, we helped them practice for their sports day and even went along to help out and cheer them on the day.

Followed by which it was time for our own sports day!

As well as this, many of the year 6s, year 5s and even some of the teachers took part in Junior Warrior!

Another big part of this half term was our end of year show, The Sound of Music.


This involved countless hours of practice and rehearsals before performing it for the school and then adults on the night at Cockburn!

We also performed a cornet concert for the whole school showing off everything we had learned over the year.

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Our song for this half term:

Frank Sinatra - Somewhere Beyond The Sea