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Adventure 3: Space Rescue

Our Class Song

Elton John - Rocket Man (Official Music Video)

Space is in jeopardy! This half term we are on a mission to save space! The evil aliens have started to take over the planets, trapping everyone on them and stopping people from entering. It is our job, as the space troopers, to save them all. First we must recruit a new leader with the knowledge to help us defeat the aliens.

Alexander                      The Queen                   Neil Armstrong

        Graham Bell

Who will be our leader?

Alexander Graham Bell, Queen Elizabeth and Neil Armstrong all turned up to the interview. We asked questions and then took a vote to decide who to give the job. We decided to hire Neil Armstrong as he has been to space before!

We thought about what we would need to take to space to survive our trip. We thought about what humans need to survive and then used these to help us pack, giving reasons for our choices. 

Neil Armstrong told us that he would pick us up in his rocket but he needed somewhere open and away from buildings. We thought about the physical geography of our school grounds. We took the iPads outside and took photos of the physical geography that we found. We then drew them onto our sheets to discuss where the safest area would be.

Today was the day we were setting off into space. We had to get ourselves ready, putting on our space suits and helmets before climbing into our shuttle. We wrote an entry into our diaries about our day.

Neil Armstrong told us how we were going to meet another astronaut when we get to the planet. He was called Tim Peake. We undertook some research to find out about both Tim and Neil and see what was similar and different about their trips.

When we arrived on Planet X there were trap everywhere. It looked like a forest but we could see booby-traps all over the place. Tim Peake was on his way to meet us and we needed to warn him of the traps. We write a description of the traps and where they were so that he could avoid them.

Unfortunately, whilst on Planet X, Neil Armstrong got injured but there was no doctors or hospital on the Planet! We thought about what facilities a town or village might need and then added them to Planet X.

Needing help, we sent up a flare hoping another planet, where there was a hospital, would respond. Planet Cross sent us a message telling us that Florence Nightingale was on their planet and that she could help. We wrote her a letter explaining the injuries that Neil had.

We looked at why Florence Nightingale was important to our history. She was on Planet Cross to clean up the hospitals and make them hygienic.

Whilst on the planet we had another problem. The aliens had followed us! They took all of the nice, clean medical equipment and spread it around the place. We wrote a description to Neil Armstrong who was resting in bed.

We had to clean up outside and bring in all of the equipment back in and sort it out. Whilst we were outside we noticed the sky, it looked beautiful. We recreated it out of tissue paper.

On Planet Grub we tasted and evaluated the space food that they had. It didn't smell or taste very nice. We decided we should make them something tastier.

We decided our healthy food should be energy balls to keep the residents going. We had to learn about how to be hygienic in the kitchen and made sure the food was safe. 

We found a page from someone's diary. We read it to find out who it might belong to and what it was about. We found out it was about the Great Fire of London and belonged to Samuel Pepys.

We learnt the Samuel Pepys lived through the Great Fire of London and we thought that he might be able to help us with our great fire. We acted out the Great Fire of London to help us understand what happened. 

The sky had changed colour on Planet Inferno. The fire had make it look orange. We took inspiration from Van Gogh to create the new sky.

We imagined that we were on Planet Inferno and what it would be like with the fire. The room was hot, there were fire noises and we had to wear blindfolds to act as the thick smoke.

We decided that to keep the aliens away we would teach them a healthy snack that they could easily make. We made ice lollies from juice and frozen fruit.

The aliens had lost their space ship and were causing a problem on planet NESWer. We used our compasses to navigate to where the aliens were hiding.The aliens had lost their space ship and were causing a problem on planet NESWer. We used our compasses to navigate to where the aliens were hiding.

We managed to catch the aliens and get them in their spaceships but they forgot what planet they lived on! We had to follow their directions and tell them the correct planet.