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Friday 12th February

Maths - 


Today is a review day, which means we are going to go over everything we have been looking at in our topic of numbers up to 40. The main thing to remember if your ten times table, as you normally have to group everything in tens in order to make it easier for you to count. 


Please complete pages 1 and 2. Then, if you want to further challenge yourself you can continue and complete pages 3 and 4. I can't wait to see your work.

Writing - 


In our writing today we are going to be going over our spellings. They are below for you to practise beforehand. Please remember to bring pen and paper to the lesson as you will need something to write your spellings down on. 

Spellings - 


The spellings are below for you to practise, ready for our writing lesson were we go through them together.







Art - 


Listen to the task below and then try and create your own pirate face. There is a link below to a template, if you can not print the template don't worry, you can just draw your own pirate face. Don't forget the eye patch!

Pirate Portraits

Still image for this video