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Autumn 2 - The Biggest Celebration in the World

We have been writing our letters to Santa


Our Elf Writing

Reading the story of ‘The First Christmas.’



We were very excited this morning when we found foot steps which we can only assume must be Santa’s. 


We followed the footsteps and found a xmas box with our very own naughty elves and an advent calendar.


we discussed what advent meant and made our own advent calendar. 

Writing about our elf

Morrison’s Shopping Trip

Understanding what half of an object is that

Indian Dancing


This week we had the opportunity to learn some Indian dancing. We listened very carefully and tried our best to follow the dance moves to the beat. Dancing is very important in Indian culture and part of any big celebration.





The Genie has now taken us back in time to meet people from Native America celebrating their first thanksgiving. We are learning that lots of celebrations have similar traditions but are different in their own way.


can you remember the traditional food Americans eat at Thanksgiving?


Kindness - why do we say thank you?

Our Exploring Autumn Walk

We made a ‘things we are thankful for’ tree.



We have had a very exciting week kick starting our new Adventure. 

It all started when our golden lamp vanished from our display board. 

We went looking for the lamps and found it in a magical mystical cave. Inside the cave we found colourful lights, golden stars and jewellery.



when we rubbed the lamp the magical genie told us he will take us around the world to see different celebrations


we have started by learning about the festival of Diwali. 


We have made Diwa lamps and learnt about the traditional stories of Diwali. 

Our Rangoli Patterns

Our Diwa Lamps

Our writing about the lamp

PE - moving in a variety of different ways!

Celebrating Bonfire and Fireworks Night


Remember, remember the 5th of November. Gun powder, treason and plot.


Today we discussed a little bit of history behind Bonfire Night and Guy Fawkes. We enjoyed celebrating this well know tradition on the field with our own Bonfire. We roasted marshmallows and lit our own sparklers.


We talked about the importance of safety and possible dangers around fires and fireworks.



Bonfire painting


We have looked at the colours we see in the night sky during Bonfire night.

We used a variety of colours to create a Bonfire Night picture.

We made our own fireworks and thought of words to represent the sounds the fireworks make.








We used our phonics knowledge to write the words.