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Story Time

Today we have another story for you to listen to. Mrs Kitching is reading a story about giving hugs. Lots of different small creatures give hugs to their grown ups. The hugs are lovely and make the grown ups feel

happy.   Snuggle up with your grown ups and listen to the story.  

Story time - The Littlest things give the loveliest hugs

Still image for this video

Naming the different animals and their babies. 
Throughout the story we meet different animals and their young.  
Do you know the names of the animals and maybe the names of their babies? 
For example , I can see a duck and her ducklings. I can see a seal and her seal pup.  
Have a closer look at the pictures and talk about the animals you see.  


A paper hug


Make a paper hug  and maybe you could put it in an envelope and send it to someone you are missing lots?

First make a face, I did it on a heart shape, but you could design the face part yourself, add eyes and other features to create a face.

Now, what do we use to give hugs?  Yes, we use our arms, we wrap our arms around someone to give them a hug.  

To do this you'll need two strips of paper or card.  Ask a grown up to help you to fold, remember to keep flipping over to make the  concertina arms, this is tricky but don't give up, we need to press hard to make sure the folds stay in.

step by step pictures