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Spring 1

Week 7

This is the version of the traditional story of ‘The Magic Porridge Pot’ that we have shared with the children in class. Can your children remember the magic words to make the magic pot begin to cook and then to stop?  

The Magic Porridge Pot (retold by Alan MacDonald) I Read Aloud I Classic Tales

We made and enjoyed porridge in nursery, we talked about what we needed to make it and talked about ways to cook it.  Mrs Caradice did a great job making sure that our porridge pan didn’t overflow! 

We had a valentines day theme for our maths this week.  We are doing really well instantly recognising when we see groups of 1,2,3,4 and 5.  We are practising saying or showing using our fingers  the numbers we see.   

We are learning to use 5 frames to help us talk about numbers and know if we have more than 5 , we need more than one 5 frame. 

We had some practise weaving. We made our own hearts using paper and then cut slots in them. We then got some paper and threaded it through the holes to make a pattern. We were careful using our fingers and had to use a pincer grip to thread the paper through.

Week 6


Before reading the story we looked at the words in the title and talked about the word 'enormous'.

The children showed that they understood that it meant very very big and shared some other words that they knew which meant the same. 


We pretended to pull up the enormous turnip, we pulled and pulled and pulled until pop! 
Some children pretended to be the enormous turnip and needed pulling out of the rope net.  Great imaginations everyone! 

We talked about what was happening in the picture and what the characters said when they were struggling to pull up the turnip. The children made marks and told a grown up what these marks meant. 



We practised our cutting skills and tried to cut out a giant turnip. We held the scissors correctly and tried really hard to cut around the turnip shape leaving no white. 

We had lots of fun exploring the different root vegetables. We talked about what we thought they were and what they smelt like. We used peelers to peel the vegetables and practised our fine motor skills. We held the peeler at the bottom and made sure our fingers didn’t go near the sharp edges. We loved smelling the vegetables once they had been peeled. We were able to identify the carrot and the potato but struggled with the celeriac and the swede. 

We were so lucky this week to have singing with Mr Jennings. We sang lots of songs such as incy windy spider and I like to eat apples and bananas. The children absolutely loved it and joined in so brilliantly. I asked them if they enjoyed the singing and they all said “yes.” Well done Nursery! 

Week 5

We used paper plates to make goat faces, we looked at pictures of goats and talked about what we could see. We uses scissors to snip and cut and glue to stick on the ears and horns.   Then we used felt pens to draw on the eyes , nose and mouth.  

We built a bridge to get to the other side of the river.  We then role-played the story, pretending to be the goats crossing the bridge and meeting the Troll!  


Look at our terrible, grumpy Trolls!  We looked at some pictures of trolls in different story books and then painted our own pictures. 

The three Billy Goats Gruff story is a good one to join in with, we practised using different voices for the goats and the troll, and made some fabulous faces, pretending to be the troll.  We set up a story tray, talked about what we could use to make it, and when it was done, began telling the  story using the toy goats and a puppet of the troll.   

We had a go at tracing different patterns practising our pencil grip and pencil control. We used grip and tripod holds and had a really good go. Well done Nursery. 

We made shape trolls learning all about different shapes and which ones had round edges and which ones had straight edges. We then stuck circle eyes on the troll with a triangle nose and a semi circle mouth. We all loved doing this and made some great scary trolls!

Week 4

We listened to the story of the three little pigs and then went outside to build houses for our pigs. We used  straw, sticks and bricks and then the big bad wolf came! “Little pig,  let me come in”.  “no no no, not by the hair on my chinny chin chin,  I will not let you in.” 

We did some brilliant printing using straws , sticks and bricks to decorate the three houses for the three little pigs.

We arranged shapes to fit within the templates to create a picture of the three little pigs. 

We made our own little pigs using tissue paper and card. We followed the instructions given to us and really enjoyed making them. 

We made our own pictures of houses using photos of bricks, straw and sticks. We used our fine motor skills to measure the strips of paper and then cut them out so they fit into the houses. It was great fun. 

We did some building ourselves using mini marshmallows and cocktail sticks. 

We had lots of fun outside trying to build the strongest house for the three little pigs to live in. We decided to use bricks as the wolf didn’t manage to blow this one down. We found out that bricks are stuck together with concrete so this was definitely the strongest. We ran out of bricks so used the slats to make a roof and a door to make it extra safe. We were able to open the door and put the little pigs inside. It was so much fun. 

We had a discussion about the story the three little pigs and what the houses were made out of. We had a go at drawing the three houses and were able to form recognisable shapes and marks.