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Wednesday 3rd Feb


We will be continuing with line graphs and looking at how you can see trends and patterns over a period of time. We will be thinking about how different information can be shown on a line graph and how this can easily show increase or decreasing numbers. The guided practice questions are based on the let's learn line graph so you will have to keep looking back over the slides. You will do the guided practice and workbook questions independently after discussing together on the live lesson. If you get chance, give the journaling question a go.

Guided reading:

Mr and Mrs Twit play lots of tricks on one another. There are other books that we can connect to where they characters play tricks on people. We can also connect this to our own lives when we might play tricks on family members or friends. We are going to link our connection and prediction skills together to think about what the Twits could do next. Think mischievously about what horrid trick they could play on each other. You will write this as a paragraph and you can draw a picture at the end.


Today is our genre lesson and our genre this week is story writing. We will be looking at the structure and features of story writing in order to ensure we include these within our own writing. During the live lesson, we will look at an example story and discuss the features and how they make for a good story, including what should go in each paragraph. Our story will be based on the short film that you watched in your adventure lesson on Monday so the title is 'Wishgranter'. After the live lesson, you will then write your first paragraph which is to describe the setting to create an image in the readers head. You focus will be expanded noun phrases to describe your setting. You will then stop after your first paragraph is written as we will move onto the second paragraph tomorrow.



This week in RE, we are going to be focusing on weddings and how the ceremonies differ depending on the religion. First, go through the presentation that tells you about different religious weddings (Hindu, Muslim, Christian and Buddhist). Following this, fill in the worksheet; you need to explain what religion each image is from and a little bit of information about the type of wedding. You will then have various information sheets about different ceremonies/ celebrations in different cultures. You may choose one religious ceremony to look at in more detail and research this further.