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Wednesday 20th January


We are starting to look at patterns that we can make with shapes. Have a look at the patterns on the worksheets. Can you figure out which shape is missing?


Have a look at the pictures below. Without reading the story, can you make predictions on how you think Sammy got himself into all of the problems he encounters? 


Remember a prediction is a good guess using the clues in the pictures/ text.


​​​​​​​Look at the example below.

I predict the Sammy was walking through the woods searching for clues and treasure. He was distracted and ended up stubbing his toe!


Peach the starfish has been ever so helpful. The issue with the riddle that we have found is that it has got wet and we can read half of it! Luckily, Peach knows what it should say and where to go! Hooray!


We must invite Peach along on our adventure to find the treasure so that she can help us.


We must include:

  • To
  • what they are invited to
  • why we would like her to come
  • when the trip starts- date and time (tomorrow)
  • where to meet 
  • what to bring
  • RSVP
  • from


Deep in the Lagoon we catch Christopher Columbus searching through the oyster shells for pearls...


When we ask him what he is doing he explains that he promised the King and Queen of Spain gold, spices and silk when he went on his trip. He wants to find some precious treasure to return with.


Can you get creative and make some treasure to take back to England with us? You could make gold, pearls, spices or silk. You could create your own spices using things from the kitchen or outside.