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Adventure 4: Space 2121

To kick start our adventure, we imagined that we were 100 years in the future and now worked for Lunar Branson (Richard Branson’s granddaughter). She has managed to launch a spaceship that can travel to Mars in the same amount of time as it used to take us to travel to Spain!

She now wants to launch a business that offers holidays in Space and needs our help.

We began by designing a Logo for our tourism company and by identifying the changes we thought there would be now that we are 100 years in the future.

We became news reporters and reported on the launch of the space ship to Mars, writing our own newspaper reports.

In Reading, we have also been using a number of space themed texts including some space poems. 


We had a go at writing a few of our own.

In order to help us promote other planets in Space, we researched information on the other planets in our solar system and wrote a report on them.

During lockdown, some of the children even had a go at their own space artwork.

Back to School

When we came back to school on the 8th March, we took a little time away from the adventure to talk about our mental health. In one activity, we talked about our worries before writing them down and putting our worries inside a helium balloon which we then released to carry our worries away.

Science Week - Lambing Workshop

As part of science week, Year 6 were treated to a special workshop all about lambing which concluded with seeing an actual lamb being born live!

NFU Science Farm Live 2021 | Lambing Live

Science Week - Vet Workshop

On Friday, we were treated to another workshop where we watched a vet show us how they would check the health of a cow.

NFU Science Farm Live 2021 | Vet School

Arctic Expedition

To gain even more knowledge and experience, we travelled to Norway in order to experience the Polar Night. This would help us if we needed to travel to planets in space that are further away from the Sun. We wrote a diary to document our journey.

Lexie's Diary

Within Science, we investigated why we have day and night. We looked at how the earth spins around the sun and wrote explanations about this.

We also looked at why we have different time zones across the world. We used our knowledge of day and night to help us explain why we need these different time zones.

We celebrated Mars Day!

We dressed up in ‘Space’ themed costumes and took part in a range of live sessions with Tim Peake and a robot built for Space travel!


CLICK HERE to see all the work we did that day.

In DT, we created our own rotating solar system. We modelled each planet and attached these to a working mechanism that rotated round the Sun. we used this to help us write an explanation of the different planets.

Through helping Lunar Branson, we found out that she was planning on building a Spaceport in Middleton Park.

We thought of reasons ‘for’ and ‘against’ this idea and debated them as a class, before writing a discussion.   

We then used our fantastic imagination to create our own Space based story titled: Lost in Space.

We ensured we knew the difference between rotating and revolving (orbiting). We wrote an explanation for each, making sure we explained what effect both of them have on Earth.


We then went on to looking at the different phases of the Moon.

On Monday 29th March, we had a visit from a planetarium. Inside we got to see the stars and constellations in the night sky as well as learn even more about the planets in our solar system.