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Activities during closure

Hi Mulberry Class, 

I hope you are all well and aren't too bored yet!

Come back here every day and check for a new activity to keep you busy smiley


I would love to know what you get up to so I would love it if you could keep a diary each day - can you write in it what you have done that day and something that you feel proud of (did you help Mum make some lunch or did you learn your 3 times tables? It could be anything!). 

I am going to keep one too and can't wait for us to share them blush


Stay safe and keep washing your hands!

Miss Shaw


Some top tips to keep you busy....

- Read a book for 30 minutes a day.

- Get some fresh air outside. 

- Complete an activity on Purple Mash.

- Practise your Times Tables.

- Complete a Gig on Times Table Rockstars

- Fill out your daily diary 

- Draw a picture


Baking with Miss Shaw!

Still image for this video
Come and make some Rocky Road, just like Miss Shaw!

Week 9

Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is is Mental Health Awareness week and the theme this year is Kindness. 


Every day this week I will be setting you a challenge to do something kind to help put a smile on someone else's face and help make them feel happier, because we all know that life is better when we're feeling happy!


Your first task of the week is to think about how you can be kind to yourself - what can you do to help you feel positive? Remember, it's so important to be kind to yourself, before you can be kind to somebody else.  



Watch the video below to help you understand why our Mental health is so important and then think about how you can keep a positive mental health and be kind to yourself!


Kindness Matters - Mental Health Foundation - Mental Health Awareness Week 2020

Did you know that kindness can be beneficial for our mental health? Find out more about Mental Health Awareness Week here:

Day 2

Today I want you to think about how other people have been kind to you, what have people said and done that was kind?

Use the question prompts below to think about acts of kindness that you have witnessed - was it a member of your family or friend? Make a note of them to remember even the smallest acts of kindness because they can go a long way!


Day 3

It is a really tough time for everyone at the moment, and there is a lot of people who will be spending a lot of time on their own. 

Why not design and write your own post card to send to a neighbour or family member to spread some kindness and make them smile?


Day 3

Today I want you to think about the small acts of kindness that you do every day, being kind doesn't have to be a HUGE gesture, it could just be something really small that someone really appreciates. 

Look at the list below - how many have you already done? What others could you try to do today. See how many you can tick off!


Day 1


Can you hide your favourite toy somewhere in your house or garden? Draw a map and write some clues to help guide someone to find it!

Day 2

Can you draw/paint a picture of your family or friends? Try to sketch it first before you add colour. 


Day 3

Make the most of the lovely weather outside and spend some time in the outdoors. Can you go on a mini beast hunt in your garden? Make a note of the different creatures you find and where you find them (were they in the grass, under a rock, on a plant?)


Day 4

Make the most of the sunshine and create your own shadow drawing. Place your favourite toys on a piece of paper in the sun and trace over the shadow. 


Day 5

Can you think of your favourite animal and write a riddle about it to see if anyone can guess what you are describing?


Read mine below......can you guess the animal?     


I am a clever African
my memory’s very long
I like it living in my herd
I’m beautiful and strong

I like the leaves on tops of trees
they’re clean and very sweet
I like fresh grass untrampled on
I do not care for meat.

My trunk is very special
it is a sort of nose
I use it for so many things
it’s like a garden hose.


Week 2

Day 1

Have you got a favourite book at home? Can you read it and then write a book review to let others know why they should read it?


Book Review Questions

  • Title and Author of book
  • Who are the characters?
  • Who is your favourite character and why?
  • What are the main points of the story?
  • Does this book share any similar themes with another book you have read?
  • What is your favourite part and why?
  • Would you recommend this book to others? Why/why not?


Day 2

Spend some time outside and create your own collage using the things you find - you could use leaves, grass, flowers and twigs etc. 

How many different pictures can you create?


Day 3

Can you go on a book scavenger hunt? Look through your books/magazines at home and see if you can find each thing on the list!


Day 4

Can you go on a number hunt around your house? See how many things you can find with numbers on them and make a list. Use the numbers you have found to create your own maths problems for either you or somebody else to solve!


Day  5

I hope you have all being the Joe Wicks workout on a morning (I have!). Can you design your own workout? You could write down a list of exercises or draw diagrams to show them. Try it out yourself tomorrow morning!


Week 3

Day 1

Can you write your fantastic imagination and write your own story?

Here are some suggestions that you could try to include:

  • The story is set in a forest. 
  • You meet a talking animal along the way. 
  • You find mysterious footprints. 
  • You hear a strange noise. 

But what will happen? It's up to you!

I can't wait to read some!


Day 2

Do you have any paper plates (if not, you could just cut a circle out of some paper/card). Create your own picture using it - look at the ideas below! 


Day 3

Watch the video below to see how to draw your very own Easter Bunny! 


How to Draw an Easter Bunny - Easy Drawings Step by Step

How to Draw an Easter Bunny holding an EGG Subscribe to our channel here You can also find us on: FACEBOOK

Day 4

Today it is Maundy Thursday, meaning it is Good Friday tomorrow and Easter Sunday on Sunday. Can you research the Easter story and find out what happened? Create your own storyboard to show what happened. 

Use the video below to help you!


The Christian Story of Easter | Religions of the World

Suitable for teaching 5 to 7s. An animated clip narrating the Christian story of Easter. Subscribe for more Religious Studies clips from BBC Teach on Monday ...

Day 5

It's nearly Easter, so today would be the perfect time to create your own Easter card for someone. Have a look at some ideas below or use your fantastic imagination to create your own!


Week 4

Day 1

Create your own Blossom Tree collage!

Day 2

Can you go on a 3D shape hunt around your house/garden? See how many shapes you can find - can you remember their names? Think about their properties - how many faces, edges or vertices do they have?


Day 3

Have a go at one of these quizzes on the BBC website!

You could even write your own afterwards and test your family!

Day 4

You have probably seen on the news that Captain Tom Moore (aged 99), has just completed 100 lengths of his garden to raise money for the NHS. He has raised over 12million pounds which is incredible!


This is a huge achievement!  Make a list of things that you would like to achieve and see how many you can tick off. I'm going to do the same!



Day 5

Are you stuck for something to do today? Why not design, make and then play your own board game? 

Week 5

Day 1

Have fun creating some paper origami - what different things can you create?

Day 2

Why not try some Yoga today to help keep you feeling positive or give you a break from your other school work! They are specifically designed for children and there are even some themed ones like Harry Potter or Star Wars!

Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure!

Episode 28 | A Cosmic Kids Yoga Adventure based on JK Rowling's Harry Potter and The Philosopher's Stone Join Jaime on a fun kids yoga adventure for kids age...

Day 3

Have you run out of books to read or do you just want to keep improving your reading skills?  

Reading Eggs is a great online resource where your challenge is to make your way through the different levels along the map, where you can play different games, practise your spellings and visit the 'library' to choose a book!

There is a 30 day trial offer for parents to sign up to - so what are you waiting for?!


Follow the link below!


Day 4

Make your own film!

Have you got a mobile phone or a tablet?

Why don't you use the camera to film your own mini film! You and your family could be the stars or you could use your favourite soft toys! 


Day 5

Do you have an old pair of socks? Instead of throwing them away, why don't you make your own sock puppet? Click on the link below to follow step-by-step instructions on how to make your own sock puppet dog!


Week 6

Day 1

Why not practise your drawing and sketching skills? Find something around the house or a picture of your favourite book/TV character and have a go at sketching it. It could be something simple like a piece of fruit, or more complicated like an animal! Remember to take your time and not to press too hard with your pencil!


Day 2

Why not practise a little bit of Maths today and focus on data handling?

You could do this activity inside or outside!

Decide on some things you want to try and find - if you do it outside it could be collecting sticks, leaves etc. 

Create a table and add each of the things you are going to try and find. Each time you find one of the things in your table, create a tally mark to show the amount found and then at the end, add up your tallies and write the total number. 

You could then use this information to create a bar chart or line graph. 

What did you find the most of?

What did you find the least of?


Day 3

Spend today practising your times tables - complete an activity on Times Table Rockstars, or see how many questions you can answer within a minute - can you beat your score?

If you're struggling, watch this video and use the songs to help you remember!

Times Tables Songs 1-12 for Kids | 23 Minute Compilation from Silly School Songs!

NEW INTERACTIVE LEARNING COURSES!!!👀👀👀 **************FLASHCARDS PRACTICE*************** http://sillyschoo...

Day 4

Why not get creative and create your own bookmark? Choose some coloured card and decorate it with your favourite things! You can then use it in your favourite book!


Day 5

It's Friday so let's have some fun! Why not make your own playdough? Here is the recipe:


How to make your own playdough

You will need: 2 cups plain flour (all purpose), 2 tablespoons vegetable oil, ½ cup salt, up to 1.5 cups boiling water (adding bit by bit until it feels just right), food colouring (optional – this really can get messy!).

You might also want to use some household items like child-friendly cookie cutters and rolling pins to make shapes with the playdough.

What to do:

  1. Mix the flour, salt and oil in a large bowl. If you’re using food colouring, add it to the boiling water then pour into the flour mixture.
  2. Stir until it forms a sticky dough.
  3. Allow it to cool down then take out of the bowl and knead it for a couple of minutes until all of the stickiness has gone. 
  4. Keep kneading until it’s the perfect consistency! If it’s still sticky add a little more flour until just right.


What will you make?


Week 7

Day 1

'May the fourth be with you!'

Today is Star Wars Day! Try out some of these Star Wars activities! 


Day 2

Why not build your own den? Curl up inside with your favourite book and chill!


Day 3

On Friday we have a bank holiday to celebrate VE day - can you find out what it is and why we are celebrating it? Display your information in a creative way - it could be a poster or a video!


Day 4

Tomorrow is VE day, why not have an afternoon tea to celebrate? You could bake some cupcakes for you and your family. 

Follow the recipe below: 



  • 110g softened butter
  • 110g golden caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs
  • ½ tsp vanilla extract
  • 110g self-raising flour


For the buttercream

  • 150g softened butter
  • 300g icing sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 3 tbsp milk
  • food colouring paste of your choice (optional)




1. Heat oven to 180C/160C fan/gas 4 and fill a 12 cupcake tray with cases.

2. Using an electric whisk beat 110g softened butter and 110g golden caster sugar together until pale and fluffy then whisk in 2 large eggs, one at a time, scraping down the sides of the bowl after each addition.

3. Add ½ tsp vanilla extract, 110g self-raising flour and a pinch of salt, whisk until just combined then spoon the mixture into the cupcake cases.

4. Bake for 15 mins until golden brown and a skewer inserted into the middle of each cake comes out clean. Leave to cool completely on a wire rack.

5. To make the buttercream, whisk 150g softened butter until super soft then add 300g icing sugar, 1 tsp vanilla extract and a pinch of salt.

6. Whisk together until smooth (start off slowly to avoid an icing sugar cloud) then beat in 3 tbsp milk.

7. If wanting to colour, stir in the food colouring now. Spoon or pipe onto the cooled cupcakes.


Week 8

Day 1

Why not do some Science today and see how much you can remember about our topic - electricity?

Watch the video below and see how much you can find out! You could show off what you have learnt by making a leaflet to educate other people.


Day 2

Why not write your own story today? 

Remember to use the story mountain to help you:


-What happens at the beginning of the story? Who are the characters? Where is it set?

-What happens in the middle of your story? What is the problem?

-What happens at the end of your story? How is the problem resolved?


Day 3

Use the BBC website to help you with some Maths today!

Practice using column method to help you add and subtract!


Day 4

Imagine you were able to interview your favourite film star, what questions would you like to ask them? Write a list of the things you'd love to know!

I'm a secret Marvel fan so would love to interview Thor - I wonder if he'd let me try and lift his hammer?


Day 5

It's's nearly the weekend! 

Since I told you yesterday that I'm a huge Marvel fan, why not design one of the characters something new to wear?

You could design a new suit for Captain America or Iron Man? I can't wait to see your designs!