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Curriculum Character

Vincent has always strived to use his artistic side to help him express his own personality. Every piece of Art Vincent produces helps to tell you a little bit about him and his ideas. Vincent is aware that every child has different ideas and a different ways of expressing themselves. Therefore, art is a wonderful platform to do this. Vincent believes it is a very personal way of expressing yourself and producing something unique. Vincent often takes inspiration from famous artists ranging from classical artists like Picasso and Van Gogh to more present day modern artists like Andy Warhol, Stephen Peters and Banksy. Vincent loves how Art is something that is accessible to every child and there are no barriers to producing something that is unique to them. Vincent believes Alisson Lapper is an inspiration, as despite her disabilities (having no arms) she is able to produce wonderful art work that is admired by many.

Vincent is constantly trying to improve his own artistic skills including his painting, drawing, collage, printing and sculpture skills! Vincent believes that there are endless opportunities to show these skills for example,  sculpting a clay beaker in the style of the bell beaker people or painting a two tone water picture in the style of Lowry, to portray the mood before and after the blitz!

Vincent takes inspiration from the environment around him including smells, sounds and materials. Vincent always has access to a wide range of artistic tools and is not afraid to experiment with them to create the message he wants to achieve. Vincent is always asking questions as to how he can use these tools in different and exciting new ways to create his own personal response in the form of art. Would you like to join Vincent on his artistic journey? Who knows where it will take you…