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Adventure 5 - The Very Last Castle

In this adventure, a mystery needs to be uncovered! We are basing our adventure from the book 'The Very Last Castle.' The story is about a little girl called Ibb, who walks past a guarded castle each day. No-one knows who is in the castle, but Ibb is sure to find out!

We kick started our adventure by reading the first section of our new story. We found out that there is a castle guarded by a scary knight! We went to see the knight for ourselves and asked him lots of questions but he wasn't very nice and didn't let us in the castle or tell us anything! 

The Guard

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In Art this half term we are looking at the artist Paul Klees. Paul focusses on cubism and uses shapes in his work. To kick off our art project, we looked at Pauls work and commented on it. 

This week in our writing we have been looking at the poem "Castle on a hill." We took inspiration from this poem and wrote our own. We then performed our amazing work to the rest of the class!


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We continued with our art this week by looking at how Paul Klees uses shapes for his work. We spoke about how he makes sure the shapes all slot together. We then tried to make our own shape pictures, trying to fit the shapes together and tracing around them carefully.

In RE we looked at different religious symbols. We thought about why symbols are important and what they mean. We then created a leaflet on them.

This week in writing we are going to write a recount of our trip to Skipton Castle. For our hook activity, we had to place pictures of our trip in the correct order, using first next then and finally to help us place them.

We were given a letter today, from the person who lives in the castle. They asked us if we could make a draw bridge castle, just like theirs as a model. They said if we manage to use a lever on our drawbridge there may be a special prize for us! We began our DT journey by looking at levers and thinking about how they work. 

In RSE we we're looking at being co-operative with one another. We thought about what this word meant and then were given different situation cards. We had to act out the situation and see if we could be co-operative in it!

Situation 1

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Situation 2

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Situation 3

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In Art we continued our work looking at Paul Klees. We had to use shapes to try and draw castles, this time colouring them in ready for our final piece next week.

In writing this week we are going to be writing our own story. We started off by looking at what character and setting we wanted for our stories. We then drew these on whiteboards to help us prepare. 

In Geography, Ocean needed our help. She wanted to visit lots of different castles in the United Kingdom but didn’t know where they all were in the country! We had to put the correct countries on the map and then put the castles in the correct country as to where they were! 


In Geography we looked at learning new vocabulary. We first had a circle time where we looked at the pictures and thought about where they were from. Once we had done this, we then picked a picture and drew it to show that we knew what it meant.

It's the Queens Jubilee party at Westwood! We came to school dressed up in blue, white and blue clothes. We had to prepare sandwiches and cakes for our tea party to begin with. We then designed bunting and decorations to hang up. We learnt about The Queen and then it was time for our garden party! We had so much fun and loved celebrating Queen Elizabeth 2nd!