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Mon 22nd Feb


Today we will be looking at simplifying mixed numbers. We have already looked at mixed numbers and understand that this is a whole number and fraction together. We have also looked at equivalent fractions and how we can make fractions simpler using our multiplication and division knowledge. We will now be merging these together to simplify mixed numbers. During the live lesson, we will go through the presentation and some examples together and then you can carry out the workbook independently.


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Guided reading:

This half-term, we are following the book 'Charlie and the Chocolate Factory' for our adventure. I thought it would be a good idea to introduce the book with a preview lesson as we have done this loads of times. I would like you to look at the front covers of the book and write down what you know from the front cover and any questions you may have.

Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory (1971) Official Trailer

Notes from trailer;


Today we will be doing a handwriting and spelling lesson. Follow the instructions on the video attached for the handwriting lesson. Although you don't have your handwriting books, I would like you to give this a go. Then, go through the presentations focusing on the suffix -ous. We will go through this together during the live lesson and then I would like you to draw an image that represents each of the spellings on the last slide. The images that you draw should help you remember the spelling and the meaning of the word.


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Go through the powerpoint about Scotland. Label the different parts of the UK and see if you can label the seas as well using the internet to research. The, there are some questions to answer as well as 4 activities to choose from. Choose 1 today and then you can choose another tomorrow.