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We received this interesting letter

from Chester Zoo.

Eager to help, we first needed to

know where all these mountains were

in the world.   

We learnt that Glen came from Ben Nevis. 

We learnt many facts about the mountain and wrote

them on a post card.

For the front of the post cards, we drew Ben Nevis using oil pastels.

Glen was eager to let his friends

back at Chester Zoo know what his

habitat looked like.

We imagined that we were Glen

soaring above Ben Nevis looking down

At the landscape below us.

We wrote expanded noun phrases to

describe what we could see.

They then wrote amazing setting descriptions!

The children learnt that highland Spring Water comes from Scotland. They learnt how the water cycle helps to bring this tasty water.

The children then learnt about the tallest mountain in Africa - Mount Kilimanjaro!


They found out lots of interesting facts - such as the mountain being a volcano with three volcanic cones called Mawenzi, Shira and Kibo!


They then enjoyed sketching the mountain.



The children learnt about a very interesting animal which lives in Mount Kilimanjaro - a honey badger.


On Kilimajaro, the children found Sachi the Japenese Sarrow.  We knew she didn't belong in Africa so we helped to return her to her rightful home in Japan.






The children returned Sachi to Mount Fuji in Japan. This is what they found out about the mountain.

The children then painted Mount Fuji using water colour.
Whilst learning about Japan, the children learnt that Mount Fuji is a place of pilgrimage for many Japanese people.

In RE, the children learnt that pilgrimages are special journeys.

They then learnt about the Hindu festival and pilgrimage - Kumbh Mela. They wrote their own questions for a board game.

As the children said goodbye to Sachi, they noticed another animal - it was Sreva the snow leopard.  What was she doing in Japan.  She needed to be returned to her rightful home on Mount Everest!

Sreva has been returned to Mount Everest!

The children learnt about the mountain and how Sherpa guides help people to reach its summit.

They imagined being caught in an avalanche.


We then went to Middleton Park an acted as real sherpa guides!

The children worked in groups and took it in turns to be a lead sherpa whilst one member of the groups was being led blindfolded 'up the mountain'.  

As guides, the children had to give clear, detailed instructions.

Whilst being guided, the children had to listen carefully to the instructions being given.

Daisy the dassie had been sent to Mount Everest by mistake and now the children had to return her to her correct home on Table Mountain.  The children enjoyed learning about this uniquely shaped mountain and realised immediately why it was named Table Mountain.


They found many facts about this mountain and wrote them on the front of a post card.

For the front of the post card, the children used collage to create an image of Table Mountain.

To end our adventure, the children worked in groups to make their own mountain.

This is how they turned out!

we are very proud of the work we do in Elder Class and we display all of our work. Take a look!

We had a great picnc