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Spring 2- The day the crayons quit

Come and join us on our latest adventure! We will be helping the crayons to feel wanted, safe and cared for. They are very annoyed at the moment and overworked! We don't want them to quit...

Today we arrived in the classroom to bit of a mess! There were crayons on the floor, some crayons stood at the front and a stack of letters…

The children decided that we should read the letter that had number 1 on first.

After reading Red Crayon’s letter we started to think about how he might be feeling.

We wrote a diary entry as though we were Red Crayon.

In art this half term we are studying the artist, Yayoi Kusama. Her colourful work is inspiring. The children learnt about her as a person and an artist first. They then appraised her work.

They then explored how she might create some of her dot patterns. They looked at what sized brushes she may use. They then explored how she can create dots of different sizes and place them in different positions.

They revisited the primary colours, recapped what happens when you mix these colours (secondary colours) and then made tertiary colours. They looked at contrasting colours in her artwork and selected what colours they would use their own work.

The children then designed and created their final pieces. Don’t they look fabulous!

In DT we were set the challenge of creating a new and safe home for our crayons to live...

At first we needed to think about what tools we needed for sewing. The children then learnt the parts of a needle and labelled these.

We then explored the movements needed to sew. We practiced weaving in and out of paper plates. This was tricky! We all showed great resilience with this and even when we got stuck we didn't give up!

We then practiced two types of stitches. The running stitch and the over stitch. These were both hard and the children concentrated well to get it right! 

We then designed our pencil cases and thought about what thread and stitches we would use for each part.

Our parents/carers came in to help us sew! We were so grateful for the extra pairs of hands!

We have loved Mr Hayes new challenge this half term, ‘where in the world.’ It has improved our knowledge of continents of the world and the children love trying to find the country of the week and learnt some facts about that country!

In History we have been looking at some more explorers this half term! Ibn Battuta, Matthew Henson and Felcity Aston. We looked at them all individually and then looked at where they came in time and created a timeline. We then compared them to each other. Felicity Aston is a modern day explorer, so we then looked at how we know about each explorer today.