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Friday 2nd July

Maths (9:30):

Similarly to Science, today we are going to be sorting, classifying and grouping shapes. There are many different ways that you can do this that we will be discussing during the live lesson. You will then complete the guided practice and workbook before sending it to me on the class email.

Guided reading (10:30):

Now that Joe has made a friend and he doesn't know that Joe is rich, what do you think will happen next? Write a paragraph that explains your logical prediction. Do you think that Joe will trust Bob enough to tell him he's rich? Do you think Bob will treat Joe differently once he knows? Do you think Joe's dad will lose all of his money?

Writing (live lesson cancelled):

Today you are going to be writing an argument as to why you think hunting is wrong. I feel that the yetis have come up with some great reasons as to why it should be banned and people shouldn't be allowed to hunt any animal. An argument is one-sided which is why you are going to side with the yetis. Think about your methods of persuasion and why people should agree with you. The slideshow below has an example introduction and what needs to be included in the other paragraphs.