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23rd November

Below is today's phonics lesson, the children are recapping the 'igh' sound.
Below is a fun phonics game to play at home called 'Phonics Popcorn'. You will need a bowl, paper, pen and spoon or tongs.


I would like you to write your own 'What am I?' poem about an animal of your choice. You will need to research the animal so you can write about their looks, diet, habitat and temperament. 

In your poem, I would like you to include adjectives to describe your animal, capital letters, full stops and neat handwriting. Every line of the poem should also be on a new line and not run along like a story. 

I can't wait to read your amazing poems and have a guess at the animal you are describing!

Below I have written an example for a tiger:

I have orange stripey fur.

I have huge shiny eyes.

I am fast like lightening.

I am on the prowl.

I am dangerous.

What am I?


In Maths, we are learning about 'more' and 'fewer' when presented with two groups. 

The children will need to count how many items are in each group and write if there is more or fewer in group A/B depending on what the question is asking. The children have previously done this with numbers below 10, however today it is number between 10 and 20. It would be useful to recap counting to 20 prior to starting the activity.


Below is a video to help explain today's task.


Still image for this video

Number song 1-20 for children | Counting numbers | The Singing Walrus

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