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Find the number

(Resources: post it notes or paper, pen)


Can you put a different number or dots onto a piece of paper and stick them onto the door or window in your house. Can you then get your grown up to shout out a number and you have to go and find it by either recognising the number or counting the dots. Have fun and sent me what you have done!


Finding the numbers

Still image for this video

Dinosaur sensory swamp

(Resources: cornflour, water, green food colouring, grass/leaves)

This dinosaur swamp is so much fun! Can you have a go at making it with an adult and putting any dinosaurs you have at home in it. 

Here is what you have to do.

Add 2 cups of cornflour to every 1 cup of water, use as much as you like. Give them a mix together and add some green food colouring! It's as easy as that! Then you can add some leaves or grass for the swamp. You can even try to do some mark making in the mixture. Have a look at my pictures below.