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Adventure 1 - Yellow Submarine

We're off on an adventure in a yellow submarine!


In this half term we meet Seb and Herb. Seb is a spider who finds himself in a spot of trouble when he winds up down the bathroom plug! Can we help him find his way home to Herb?

Seb and Herb want to go travelling but they don't have passports! It was our job to make them one. Look at our super sentences!
Our friend Herb was going into hibernation. We learnt what this meant and then looked at what other animals like to hibernate and which don't.
Seb was sucked down the bathroom plug when he was having a bath! He ended up in lots of different countries. We wrote a recount about where he ended up.
We looked at the different countries that Seb travelled to down the drain pipe and learnt where they were on a map. 
Our class song.

The Beatles - Yellow Submarine

Official site: Facebook: Instagram: Twitter: Music video by The Beatles performing Yellow Submarine. (C) 2015 Calderstone Productions Limited (a division of Universal Music Group) / Apple Corps Ltd. / Subafilms Ltd

We looked at the work of the famous artist Guiseppe and found out he made his paintings of people using fruit. We had a go ourselves at creating our own fruit faces!
We saw lots of amazing animals on our way down the amazon river and wrote about them all.
Look at our super Herb the hedgehogs we made from straws and playdough!
Our description of the animals from the amazon was so good that we have been asked to write our own fact file on a Toucan! We tried really hard with our writing and finger spaces. 
Look at our amazing Roald Dahl outfits.
We looked at our personal hygiene and how to stay fit and healthy and how to not let the germs take over our bodies! We then had lots of fun playing the germ game.
We completed our first independent write today. We wrote a diary entry about our trip to Antarctica. 
We looked at the different seasons and thought about what season we are in now. We found out that it had just become Autumn. We went outside and found lots of different leaves that indicated that it was Autumn, the leaves were brown and on the floor!

Seven Continents Song

Blossom class love singing this song - it's helped them to learn all of the seven continents!

Oh no! Our submarine has frozen over in the cold weather! We had to create a magic dance to crack the ice. We wrote instructions on what we did so we would know what to do if it happened again.
We had lots of fun making hedgehog cakes for the McMillian coffee morning. We hope you enjoyed eating them as much as we liked making them!
We looked at locating the continent 'Asia.' We had lots of fun playing 'who is quicker' when locating the different continents. We then looked at what the equator is and where it belongs on the map.
We designed our own conico hats like the people of Asia have. We thought hard about our design and then made them. We thought about how they should look and what they should be made from to help us be protected from the hot sun.
We were very lucky to have someone come in and teach us how to play the African drums. We had lots of fun and made lots of noise!


Still image for this video
We made split pin meerkat puppets!
We had so much fun when Meet a Creature came to Westwood! We got to see and snuggle so many amazing animals - we tired very hard to be brave, even when there was a scary snake giving us a hug!
A big thank-you you to all of the parents who came in to look at our work. We loved going to all of the different continents with you!
We were very lucky to have the Cbeebies show 'Ridiculous Rhymes' come into school. They taught us all about rhyming and we can't wait to use what they taught us in our work!