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Thursday 28th January


We are continuing to look at 3D shapes. Today we are focussing on grouping shapes. We can group shapes by their faces, sides, vertices, size, whether they can roll and many other ways. Have a go at grouping the shapes on the worksheets and working out how some shapes have been grouped. 


Today we are going to re-read our story 'Lost in the Garden Maze'. 


Find it here:


We are going to be thinking about the whole story today. We need to look at the question and work out the order that the events happen in the story. We then number them 1-5 depending on when they happen.


In the middle of the maze is the glorious goblet. The natives told us that this goblet will fire out the code and the next riddle. We need to know what the goblet looks like so that we know we are there!


Today we are going to imagine that we are the natives. We are going to write a description of the goblet for the explorers to find.


Have a look at the clip of the goblet working below. Use the pictures to help you give a clear description of what the goblet looks like.

Still image for this video


Whilst searching round the maze, Christopher Columbus has to sit down on a bench out of breath! We need to get him fitter to carry on. Exercise is important because it helps your brain develop, it builds strong bones and muscles, controls weight and help to keep your heart healthy.


Can you film your own fitness video for Christopher Columbus to follow? Have a look at Joe Wicks videos and see if you can create your own.