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As the weather started to change and the leaves began to fall we talked about the signs of autumn and the changes that were happening. We went on a autumn walk around the school to find signs of autumn, made hedgehog bread, create our own autumn trees using corks and we experimented with the patterns we could make by rolling conkers on a page. 

Autumn Walk

Autumn Walk 1 There was lots of signs of autumn at Westwood.
Autumn Walk 2 We found lots of autumnal objects.
Autumn Walk 3 We found autumn leaves.

Hedgehog Bread

Hedgehog Bread 1
Hedgehog Bread 2 We loved the hedgehog bread.
Hedgehog Bread 3 We had fun making the hedgehog bread.
Hedgehog Bread 4
Hedgehog Bread 5
Hedgehog Bread 6
Hedgehog Bread 7

Autumn Artwork

Autumn Artwork 1 We drew the autumn objects we had found.
Autumn Artwork 2 We talked about the autmn objects.