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Lower KS2: The American Dream

In Lower Key Stage Two, classes Elder, Mulberry and Oak, their adventure begun with the teachers announcing they had won a once-in-a-lifetime trip to America. Their adventure ‘The American Dream’ will see them embark on a journey across North America. They first found a map with pieces of North America missing. They had to visit the places that were missing to fill in the parts.


At one point in the adventure, the children discovered a brown bear had escaped from Central Park Zoo in New York. They wrote newspaper reports in Oak class including alliteration for the headline.

Then the children visited Yellowstone National Park, as this is where the bear had escaped to return home to. They thought it was a fantastic place that they wanted to find out more about. In each of the classes they wrote tourism leaflets after finding out lots of information about it, to encourage people to visit. In Oak class they focused on using rhetorical questions and expanded noun phrases to describe the park. In Mulberry they focused on including modal verbs to persuade people to visit.

The children then made a shocking discovery, that the park may soon be closed! As they had learnt so much about it, they wrote speeches arguing for the park to remain open. In Mulberry they focussed on including a range of conjunctions.

When exploring the national park, they came across a tree with dream catches attached to it with a label reading ‘made by the Sioux tribe’. They visited the tribe to find out what they were and why people used them. The children in all classes made their very own dream catcher. The children in Elder then wrote instructions for how to make them, including imperative verbs.

The children in Oak class then planned and wrote stories based around a dream caught on the dream catcher. They used a story dice to support them think of ideas for the setting and problem.

On the adventure one of the explorers broke their arm so the children decided to find out about bones and muscles. They completed a burn 2 learn where they had to locate different bones and match what they were. Then they put together a complete model of the human body skeleton. The children in Oak then wrote a report about the human body including commas in a list.