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Dinosaur cosmic yoga!

(Resources: internet, ipad, phone)

We love doing yoga in class and it is great for our gross motor skills. From the downward dog to sun salutation, can you have a go at this dinosaur yoga. 

Tiny the T-Rex

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Heart Sandwich

(Resources: bread, jam, knife with adult supervision or a heart cutter)

As our theme is Valentines Day this week, can you have a go at making a heart sandwich?

Step 1 

Get two slices of bread and place them on a chopping board. 

Step 2

Using a heart shaped cutter or a knife (with supervision) cut out a heart in one slice of bread. 

Step 3

Spread the slice without the heart on it with jam. Use raspberry, strawberry, black currant. Anything you like! Then place the slice of bread with the cut out heart on top. 

Step 4 

Eat it!!!! Yum!!!