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In KS1 the children have been introduced to 2Calculate which enables them to begin to create spreadsheets. They have been learning how to insert images and text and how to lock these in place and move them around.

Then they progressed to using copy/paste and totalling tools, which enabled them to use a spreadsheet for calculations.


As a class they collected data on a variety of subjects and were then able to input the data to produce different graph types.




In Lower KS2 our children have been extending their Spreadsheet skills to include making counting and conversion machines, along with different methods of handling data. They have been learning how to collect data, both individually and collaboratively, and then input their data into 2Calculate to display it in a variety of ways.

They have also been able to use the advanced mode of 2Calculate to learn about cell references and to format cells as currency, percentage, decimal to different decimal places or fraction.




In Upper KS2 the children's skills were further extended to using spreadsheets to model real-life situations including a plan for a class party, which they really enjoyed.


In this example the children created a computational model to help decide the best value tickets to buy for a concert. They had to format cells appropriately and use different formulae as additional information was provided to them.