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The Great Greek Mystery

The restaurant opening was a huge success! Whilst putting away the emergency chairs we found a piece of pottery  with a picture on it. Once we touched the piece of pottery, we were transported back through time to Ancient Greece and were met by Zeus. He told us he was the King of all the Gods. Zeus set us a secret mission to figure out what he was looking for and as a test to see if we could be trusted. The children took part in a Burn2Learn session in groups around the school. They had a sheet with pictures of different areas around school that were zoomed in to make the challenge harder. Once the area was found, they then had to find the fact and clue to piece together to solve the puzzle. The clues were gathered together and the children solved the task and found that Zeus was looking for his Olympian Crystal. This is what gives Zeus all his powers and he believed his brother had stolen it from him because he was jealous.

Some of the pictures and clues on our Burn2Learn session

The children searching for clues around school.

Zeus explained that we needed to visit all the different gods to find out information about Ancient Greece. He said we would be given a different piece of the pottery each time after completing a challenge. Once the pot was pieced back together it would open another port hole to allow us to travel back home and we would also find the Olympian Crystal.