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Foundation: Dinosaur Discovery

In Nursery, Birch and Ash, they came back to school after the Christmas break to find something unbelievable in the school grounds: a dinosaur egg. Their task over the half term was to take good care of the egg and try to reunite the egg with the mummy dinosaur.

The children had to first think of who the egg may belong to and decided it must be a dinosaur egg so drew which dinosaur they thought had left the egg.

They then used their phonic knowledge to write about what they had found in a list of clues. The children are beginning to remember to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

The children thought they should inform mummy dinosaur about the egg they had found so wrote a letter telling her about it.

The children then became concerned that the egg may not be warm enough so experimented with different materials to keep it warm. They then wrote about which material they thought would be best and then their findings.