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Make a necklace or bracelet

(Resources: Pasta, cheerios or anything you can thread, pipe cleaners/string)
Can you make a
necklace or a bracelet by threading pasta or cheerios or something similar onto string or pipe cleaners? Maybe you could make a pattern with them?
This is a tricky challenge but good practise for our fingers. You choose. I would love it if you sent me photos of your necklaces or bracelets!

Traffic light games

(Resources: Optional instruments or music)

This game is lots of fun to play together as a family or with your little one. Have lots of fun and get your heart racing at the same time. Practise those gross motor and listening skills. 

Game 1: Ask your child to move all around the space to music or an instrument. When they hear it stop they need to freeze.

 Game 2: Move around the space
 following the instructions. Red –
 stop, Yellow – Walk, Green - Run

Have fun, you could even come up with your own ideas for different ways to move. Maybe you could use the different actions you learnt from Mrs Kitching earlier on the week and move like a dinosaur. Good luck! 

Tallest tower 

(Resources: building blocks, toys, oxo cubes anything that can be stacked on top of each other) 

Can you have a go at building the tallest tower ever? Can you build yours the biggest, bigger than your brothers or sisters and even bigger than your mummys or daddys? How do you know who’s tower is the tallest? Can you tell me? 
Can you have a go at counting the blocks when you’ve built your tower? 
Have fun, building is always great! 


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