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Today in Maths, we're looking at multiplying two digit numbers. 


When we multiply two digit numbers, we set out the question exactly how we would for column method


Step 1: Multiply the ones and write it below.


Step 2: Multiply the tens, adding the zero and record it below (Units in the correct column)


Step 3: Add the two amounts together and record your answer. 


GP: Answer the questions and fill in the missing numbers (Number bond).


Workbook: Answer the questions in the same way. 


Today in Guided Reading, You're going to do some reading on your own and answer some comprehension questions based around this reading. 


These questions will have a focus on inference and will require you to use clues to answer the questions. 


1st step: Read the text attached below.

2nd step: Answer the questions in full sentences.


In today's writing lesson, we're going to read some of chapter 13 and discover Con and Ellen's plan to save the yetis from the hunters! No other than the Queen! 


In order to save these beautiful creatures, Con and Ellen decide to have a demonstration outside of Buckingham place. If the Queen agrees, she will be able to use her aeroplanes to save the yetis!


When a demonstration takes place, you have to make a statement and get their attention. 


Your task: Create your very own plaque/poster to parade in front of Buckingham palace, it might be as simple as "SAVE THE YETIS!" Or a little bit more creative, it's up to you! Below there are pictures to help you. 


Today, we will be helping Ocean out! The first activity is to use an atlas, the internet or a map and label the U.K using the word bank below. Be very careful, because some of the cities may have been put in as a trick and might not be on the map for you to label. 


Activity 2: Use the map and activity 1 to decide where you would be if you travelled in those directions.