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'If you believe you can do it, you can and you will!'

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Our Core Beliefs

Our Motto


"If you believe you can do it you can and you will!"


Our Three Core Values



Our aim is to make a positive difference to every child’s life. We will help them to understand the world around them and give them the skills they need to fulfil their dreams and live as confident, successful and caring individuals. Our 3 core values of Dream, Believe and Achieve drive our creative curriculum and underpin all that we do.


Dream: Children at Westwood Primary dare to dream knowing no boundaries. Through the experiences our curriculum offers, our children’s ambitions and aspirations are unlocked. These experiences allow them as individuals to develop their own passions and interests and become invested in their learning leading to a sense of drive and motivation which allows them to reach their potential and achieve their dreams.


Believe: At Westwood children learn to believe in themselves and be proud of their local community. They understand the importance of their actions and the part they play in the diverse wider world. Through a strong self-belief leading to a positive physical and mental well-being our children are equipped to take risks and overcome any challenges they may face. Children will leave Westwood as compassionate individuals with a belief that everyone should be valued and respected therefore preparing them for life in modern Britain.


Achieve: Through our personalised and tailored curriculum, children at Westwood are taught to be responsible, resilient citizens who embrace challenge and feel success. Memorable learning experiences allow our children to retain knowledge, apply skills and develop links in their understanding. In turn, children leave Westwood as independent lifelong learners.