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The children were very excited as Christmas approached. We were very busy making gifts and cards for our parents. We performed the nativity for our family and we sung our hearts out! The children had a Christmas party and a special visitor came to our party........

Observational Drawings of Robins


The children looked at many different photogrpahs of Robins. With an adult they talked about the special features that they could see on the birds and the relationship to Christmas was discussed. After the childrne had identified the features of the robins they were encouraged to carefully draw a robin using colouring pencils. The children concentrated well to be able to create their own robin drawing. They selected the appropriate colour for each part of the bird when completing their drawing as well.



The children created their own calendar as a gift to give to their parents as Christmas. The children selected a colour that they would like to use to create their handprints on the card. A special poem was also added to the calendar.

Christmas Cards


The children all amde a Christmas card to take home for someone thatthey loved. The children used a variety of collage materials to be able to create their Rudolph Christmas card. The children also spent time writing their name for the inside of the card. The cards looked fantastic when they were completed.

Pine Cone Christmas Tree Decorations


Any Christmas Tree would not be complete without a decoration made by the children at school. We decided to make our own pine cone tree decoration. The childrne choose a paint that they would like to paint the pine cone with. Once they had painted the pine cone, glitter was added to make the decoration extra special. Finally, string was added so that the children were able to hang the decoration on the tree.

Christmas Party and  a Special Visitor!


We had a lovely Christmas party, we played party games, danced and even enjoyed some delicious party food. The staff and children were shocked when Santa arrived delivering each child a special present! The children were amazed and very excited. They all had a turn talking to Santa and recieving their gift. The experience was truely magical.

Salt Dough Decorations


The children helped to make saltdoigh, cut out a christmas shape and left it to dry. Once the decoration was dry the chidlrn painted the salt dough and added glitter to make them shine.