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Tuesday 19th January 2021

Tuesday 19th January

It was lovely to end yesterday afternoon celebrating everyone’s achievements! Well done everybody who received a virtual certificate. I’m on the lookout again for people to receive this week’s awards – so keep being amazing, keep reading, and parents keep telling me how amazing your children are being!


Guided Reading (10.30am)

In our story, the prime minister visits Joe’s town and he gets to voice his opinions. Listen to me reading Joe’s speech about what he would like to change in his local area. Today, I’d like you to think about what you’d like to change in the world. It can be something serious or something silly like Joe’s. Can you write a manifesto for what you want to change and why? A good manifesto is clear and simple and gets your point across. If you’re at home, you could present your manifesto to someone at home and get them to send it in. It would be really nice to hear some of your ideas for what you want to change and why. I’ve attached some examples below which the book suggests! 


Adventure (anytime)

We’re going to continue thinking about Charles Darwin today. Watch the YouTube video below about the voyage Darwin went on. This was where he discovered his theory of evolution. On the map attached, if you can I’d like you to print if off and plot Darwin’s journey. If you can’t print it off, you could download it on a tablet/computer and write over the top of it using text boxes. Then, choose 3 places where Charles Darwin stopped on his journey and research that place – can you find 3 interesting facts out about that place?


Writing (1pm)

Today, we are going to begin to think about the writing we are doing this week – we’re going to write a biography about our scientist of the week,  Charles Darwin. Have a look at the biographies attached and the brief overview of what a biography is. Biographies should answer questions about a person. I’d like you to read the example biographies which are below and answer the questions about the people. A good biography should answer all of those questions, so it is important that ours do too. 


Maths (9.15am)

My group are going to move on to look at the expanded method of column addition today where we think very carefully about the value of each digit in our calculation. I’ve put a video below to show you this in more detail, and I will demonstrate lots more on the live lesson. Then, I’d like you to have a go at the calculations attached practicing that expanded method. It can sometimes be easier to use different colours like I did in the videos to help you remember what you’re doing at each stage.

Expanded column method example 1

Still image for this video

Expanded column method example 2

Still image for this video

When writing your manifesto today, use this to help you!

Darwin's voyage (HMS BEAGLE)

Adventure lesson instructions

Still image for this video